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Best Foot Massage Machine

If you suffer from sore, tight feet or from a condition such as plantar fasciitis, you will love having a massage machine at home. At a fraction of the cost of regular professional massages, you can receive a rejuvenating foot massage at home any time you like. Just imagine coming home from a long day, sitting down in your favourite chair and enjoying a foot massage. Whether you need the best foot massage machine for a physical condition or just enjoy the relaxation they promote, this informative post has everything you need: the benefits of foot massage, the different types of foot massagers, the best type for you and our foot massage machine reviews.

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best Foot Massage Machine

The Benefits of a Foot Massage Machine

According to Healthbeat of the Harvard Medical School over 75% of Americans will have some kind of foot condition during their life time. Fortunately a foot massager can provide a rejuvenating and soothing massage. There are different styles of foot massage however they all have similar benefits. By manipulating the muscles tissue an increase in blood circulation occurs. This in turn increases the circulation of oxygen and other nutrients which has a revitalising effect on the muscles and tissues. It helps reduce any tension you might have and sooths the muscles relieving pain and aches. If you are an athlete, the healing and growth of muscles is accelerated.

What Is The Purpose Of The Foot Massage Machine?

When purchasing a foot massage machine you should determine what the overall objective is. If you want to relieve pain and aches in your feet and ankles due to general fatigue or a condition such as plantar fasciitis, you should look for a foot massager which stimulates the deep tissue through vibration or acupressure. If instead you want a foot massager for more general relaxation and wellness purposes, a rolling, kneading and shiatsu foot massager will suit you better.

Types of Feet Massage Machines

Acupressure and targeted pain relief

These are perfect for people suffering from sore and tight feet, or those with plantar fasciitis. By applying pressures to specific sore points on the sole of the foot, the deep tissues are manipulated and tension released. Easy to use, you can adjust the pressure and positioning by changing your foot position. In this way you can target exactly the spots that need the most attention.


Vibration foot massagers are great for when you really want to get the blood pumping. The vibrations caused by the foot vibrating massage machine will penetrate deep into your muscle and even travel up through your ankles and calves. An increase in blood circulation occurs, and with it more oxygen and nutrients pump into and around the muscles. This alleviates pain and reduces tension.


A shiatsu style foot massager feels the most like human touch. Essentially a shiatsu foot massager emulates the feeling of hands manipulating your body tissue. My using kneading and rolling movements, the muscles are loosened and relieved of tension. These foot massage machines are great if the massage objective is general relaxation.

Health Considerations

If you want a foot massage machine to treat an existing health condition, we strongly recommend that you visit a doctor before making a purchase. In some cases a foot massager can worsen a health condition. If at any time a foot massage gives you severe pain, seek medical care.

Best Foot Massage Machine Reviews: Our Top Picks

Great for: aches and pains

The TheraFlow dual foot wooden massager roller uses reflexology and acupressure to relieve the tightness and pressure in the muscle, tissue and tendons. Very easy to use, you roll your feet over the rollers. You can adjust the positioning and pressure to customize the experience. Highly target specific pains and by pressing your foot down for a few seconds at a time can enjoy the benefits of acupressure. Or gently roll your feet over the massager for a more relaxing experience.

  • High quality durable wood
  • Can massage both feet at once
  • Lightweight at only 1.6 pounds so you can take it anywhere
  • Can use equally with small or large feet
  • 10 rollers
What the Customers Say

The reviews of this foot massager are dominantly positive. What people like is that it is really effective at stimulating the feet tissue, yet is comfortable and does not hurt. It is very well put together, is sturdy and durable. People with plantar fasciitis greatly enjoy the effects of this foot massager.

Great for: aches and pains

The Moji Foot Pro foot massager uses 6 spheres to dig into your sore foot muscles. All you have to do is roll your foot over it and adjust the positioning to suit your needs. Great for soothing aches and pains, or for plantar fasciitis. You can increasing the pressure you put on the spheres, the intensity of the massage increases and the deeper tissues are targeted for maximum pain relief. A nice feature of this foot massager is that you can place it in the freezer and enjoy a rejuvenating ice massage.

  • 6 stainless steel sphere
  • Very easy to clean
  • Base is slip resistant
  • 1 year warranty
What the Customers Say

The reviews are mostly positive for the Moji foot pro foot massager. Those who spend a lot of time on their feet or have plantar fasciitis really benefit from it. What people like is that is solid and durable. It does not feel fragile under foot. The rubber base is very effective at keeping the massager still, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping around. A feature people love is the ability to have an ice massage. Especially nice on a hot day, it increases the effectiveness of the massage. At just over 1 pound, it is easy to carry with you anywhere you go. One potential issue with this foot massager is that some people think it’s a little small.

Great for: Conditions due to poor circulation such as joint swelling and pain

This massager utilizes an oscillating foot surface and arch to send vibrations through your feet and legs. The vibrations penetrate your tissue and muscle to encourage an increase in blood circulation. This works to ease tension that you may have alleviating pain and swelling.

  • 11 different speeds from 1000 rpm to 3700rpm
  • Foot pad is designed at an angle for optimal comfort
  • Includes a kit for using on a hard surface
What the Customers Say

The reviews of this machine are very positive. People with severe pain conditions report complete pain relief. It some cases it takes a few uses to start to feel the benefits, but overall it is effective. The vibration level is significant, which does tend to cause a bit of noise. However given the relief in pain, it is tolerable.

Great for: General foot relaxation

For many this is the best foot massage machine. It uses shiatsu style massage to manipulate the foot muscle and cause overall foot relaxation. It emulates human touch by using a kneading action. With its four massage nodes, the whole foot area is comfortably covered. At the press of a button you can enable the heat function which adds a soothing element to the massage.

  • Heat function
  • Four massage nodes
  • Easy to control
  • Massage nodes illuminate
What the Customers Say

This foot massager has mostly positive reviews. Whether you use it sitting down or stand on it, it gives an effective massage. Some people even place it on a raised surface like a coffee table and use it to massage their calves. Some reviews question its durability, and in fact after some extended use the fabric covering the massage nodes tears away. However you can still use it with socks on, and for its price is good value.

Great for: General foot and calf relaxation

This foot massager machine uses a combination of shiatsu techniques to promote blood circulation and tension release. Its design is engineered to account for the foot’s shape and target the right nerve points to maximise effect and pain relief. It efficiently increases blood circulation, relieving tired feet and calves after a long day. With its four automatic modes and three variables speeds, you can customize the massage to meet your needs.

  • Uses both kneading and rolling shiatsu massage
  • Easy to use touch panel
  • Choose from 4 automatic modes or manual mode
  • Three speeds to choose from
What the Customers Say

This foot massage machine receives mostly positive reviews mixed in with some negative ones. It provides quite a strong massage which most people really enjoy, but some find too strong verging on painful. People enjoy the ability to also massage their calves. Some reviewers reported a strong smell when new, however this dissipated with time. This foot massager is better used when sitting down, it becomes a little too intense when standing.

Great for: Rejuvenating tired and aching feet

This uComfy model does a great job at providing a refreshing overall foot massage after a long day. You place your feet in the holders, and both the top and bottom of your feet are massaged. It uses a combination of kneading and vibration to manipulate your foot tissue and increase blood circulation. By doing so, it releases tension from your aching feet and legs. The heated air creates a nice soothing experience.

  • Heated air mode
  • Combination of kneading and vibration
  • Very portable
  • Top and bottom massage
  • 5 intensities
  • 15 minute setting
What the Customers Say

The reviews of this foot massager are positive. The customers enjoy the five different levels of intensity however some report that using the higher levels at first is too much. They recommend starting at a low intensity the first few times and then slowly increasing it from there. The level of heat is very pleasant. It is warm in a soothing and relaxing way, but not too hot that you start to sweat. While some find the massage machine a little noisy, most find it acceptable given the pleasant massage. Some even report falling asleep because it’s so relaxing.

Great for: Rejuvenating tired and aching feet, and pain relief

This Brookstone foot massager is an effective relaxation and tension release machine. It will make you feel great after a long day, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It uses kneading rollers under the feet to trigger pressure points which promote tension relief. The air compression massages the feet and leaves them feeling revitalized. The mode adds a soothing layer to an already outstanding foot massage. The ability to tailor the massage to your needs using the different modes is appreciated.

  • 3 different automatic massage modes
  • Heat for increased soothing relaxation
  • Variable massage intensity
What the Customers Say

The users of this foot massage machine by Brookstone are dominantly happy. Despite the higher price, the reviewers feel that it is worth the money. Effective at pain relief and releasing tension after a long day on the feet, the ability to customize the massage is highly regarded. The rollers are effective at triggering the pressure points on the soles of the feet. Some users find that the heat is not strong enough to have an effect, but most find it adequate and enjoy its soothing effect.

Final Word

If you have any questions about the best foot massage machine, please feel free to leave a comment below. ​

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