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best inversion table

Are you fed up with back pain? Is it coming in the way of your daily chores and keeping you unhappy, or worse, uncomfortable? You must be anxious to help fix it in the most convenient way. You bend down to pick something up, ouch. You toss and turn in bed. You might not even enjoy reading your favorite book anymore. Look no further, worry no more, you may have found the best inversion table you are in need of!

Best Inversion Tables Comparison

Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Bringing you added relief and support

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table

Features: 3/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Capacity for people with heavier weight and taller in height

Teeter Inversion Table w/ Relief Kit

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Improved ankle lock handle

Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

FIR heat technology for maximum pain relief

Health Gear ITM4.5 

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Wider and thicker upholstery

Things To Consider Before Buying An Inversion Table

You must remind yourself that these products are specially designed to provide you with inversion therapy. This sort of therapy provides spinal traction and relieves back ache, so these products are only for you if you are suffering from back pain. Back pain can be caused by ruptured or bulging discs, sciatica, or arthritis amongst other factors. It may even be a muscle ache.

You may seek inversion therapy after confirming your diagnosis and treatment with your physician, as inversion therapy is not recommended unless it is suggested by your doctor. Inversion table therapy has a number of benefits, all classified under different areas of the body it targets.

The inverted position on the inversion table cancels out the dangerous effects of gravity, and in doing so, is one of the most effective treatments for back problems, burdened joint issues, neurological problems. It also helps you by easing mental stress, alleviating the aging process, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying your body, and improving the mind.

Inversion therapy is best for those who have chronic back pain due to a diagnosed disorder, who are prompted by their physicians. Your doctor may advise you against inversion table therapy if you are obese, have a detached retina, fracture, glaucoma, heart condition or a circulatory problem, hernia, implanted device, middle ear or eye infection, osteoporosis, are pregnant, or have a spinal injury.

If you are struck with acute back pain, you may use an alternative therapy called heat therapy, by placing a heating pad around your back throughout the day.

When buying a table, you must know what the product offers exactly and how it relieves back pain, how many times a day you plan to use it, and for how long. You should select one of the best inversion tables that target multiple issues in your body. You must be aware of your medical condition before proceeding, and read through instructions carefully and understand how to use it before selecting a product.

Inversion Table Reviews

  • ​Exclusively designed wrap-around ankle cups
  • ​Acupressure Nodes for relief
  • ​Lumbar Bridge for support
  • ​Auto-locking hinges and cam locks
  • ​Pivot bearings

The Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table is a table designed to support your body weight, so accessories and extra features are included to help give your back the stretches it needs. It targets all the right areas on your back so that you receive the comfort you're looking for, as well as stabilizing your position on it. So if you know how to use it, do expect to gain some great relief from it.

It's for people who require back support and relief, so if you do not have back pains, there's no need to try it! It's also suitable for people who need the extra locking in to ensure greater fit and positioning so that they are held in place. Because sometimes the lower back gives you the most pain, this product is designed to help fix that as its nodes will relieve targeted areas of pain. It is not the most suitable for those who are on a tight budget.

This product is a personal favorite as it is designed to keep your movements fluid and effortless. It keeps your body in place and helps you maneuver target painful areas of your back. I like it because it is a sturdy product with extra features like hinges and cam locks to keep you in place. Its acupressure nodes hit the spot every time, so I love it for that very reason.

  • ​Allows up to 300 pounds in weight and up to 6’6 in height
  • ​Flexible, heavy oriented steel frame
  • ​Modifiable, longer padded ankle supports
  • ​Undergoes full inversion

This table is like a younger brother to the Teeter EP-560. With less features that are more generic, it will help your back relief as it is more comfortable than other similar products. It comes with an instruction manual when you purchase it, so that you know exactly what to do and how to gain the most out of it.

It is great for people who are living in small apartments or have little space left, as the product is completely foldable and does not take up too much space that you may need most of the time. It's great for people who are taller than the average height, going up to 6'6, and for people who weigh up to 300 pounds. The best part about it is that it is budget friendly, so if you are one of those people who is looking for products that are a little lighter on their pockets, yet efficient, this might just be the right choice for you.

My favorite feature about this product is the comfort that comes with lying on top of it. The extra-padded head pillow and lumbar support is the distinguishing factor amongst its competitors, making it more comfortable than many tables. Even the soft handrails allow you to move back and forth swiftly, as this product is built for maximum comfort. It comes with a cross-bar so that your body is prevented from wriggling or twisting, giving you an easy session of pain relief.

  • ​Improved lock handles
  • ​Original wrap-around ankle bands and improved bed design
  • ​Heavy-gauge steel components and auto-locking hinges
  • ​Specially designed pivot bearings

This product is definitely a great purchase as its sole design is to give you added relief, comfort, and support however you use it. I love its "ComforTrak Bed" with its contoured design that helps flex your back in comfortable positions. And I also appreciate the extra grip you get with their handholds so you can accomplish any decompression and flexion position you require. I also love the bright blue color it comes in; it’s soothing and brightens up your furniture as well.

This product is great for people with severe pain and who need positions that are more varied than your average inversion positions, as this machine provides special features to cater to your needs, such as their extra-long stretch max handles and their traction handles. For those who need extra foot space, the adjustable ankle comfort dial also comes in use. If you can't bend your body due to pain, the EZ-Reach ankle system fixes the problem because users don't need to bend to secure their ankles!

My favorite feature on this machine is the acupressure nodes that always hit the spot for those people suffering from localized pain in their back. I also really love the Ergo Embrace Supports, which can help distribute your weight evenly so you do not feel any strain on your ankles. The triple lock secure system for ankles does make life easier, giving you extra protection during your inversion therapies.

  • ​Advanced FIR heat technology
  • ​Carbon fiber heating components
  • ​Supports up to 275 pounds in weight
  • ​Positioned easily for max storage
  • ​Extra-long handles with pockets for remote control

This product definitely is a different ballgame altogether, as it provides a uniform layer of heat along the length of the table. Not only does it help soothe your muscle aches, but also improves your body's circulation and contributes to healing of injuries, and make you feel refreshed. With its LED lights and sleek design, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

It is suitable for you if you have severe back pain, or even injuries, as it boasts to heal those problems of the users. It is also suitable for heavier weights, so if you are anywhere up to 300 pounds, it is a good fit to your home. It also accommodates people who are up to 6'6 feet in height. The best part about it is the reasonable price, which, considering all its features, is accommodating and very efficient.

It has a remote control and a timer for controlling the heat, on a screen with LED lights, a fancy and convenient way of giving your back the comfort it deserves. As it inverts to up to 180 degrees, it gives your back the traction it needs by reducing strain on your bones and ligaments, boasts to reduce the effects of aging due to gravity as well, while leaving your skin rejuvenated due to improved circulation.

  • ​Capacity of 300 pounds
  • ​Steel frame helps activate circulation
  • ​Improved upholstery with changeable "vibro" heat and massage
  • ​Modifiable and dense oversized ankle foam rollers
  • ​Self-stabilizing frame

The Health Gear ITM4.5 boasts of being able to combine inversion therapy with "vibro" heat and massage therapy to give you a very efficient pain relief session. I love the black and sleek design it has, as it looks very stylish to me and that is always a plus when you have a sturdy machine in your home. It comes with a lifetime warranty. The instructions that come with it make the assembly very easy to complete.

It is great for people who are tall and need something sturdy to support them, as it accommodates up to 300 pounds. Because of its stable foundation, it can also be used on uneven floors, so it's a great product no matter what your flooring/housing is like. It is also a good machine for those who want to go easy on their pockets, as the price is comparatively lesser than its competitors' prices.

My favorite feature on this machine is the heat and massage it offers. It hits the spot every time and sometimes inversion is not enough, you need that extra relief that comes from a massage. So in my opinion, it might be great for you if you have severe, localised back pain that its 'vibro' heat and massage can most probably solve. The round tube steel frame helps relieve back pain and stimulate circulation as well.

Best Inversion Table: The Final Word

Inversion therapy works. It is important that you heal your back pain as it is a debilitating illness that people often neglect, and instead are popping down pills or using methods that work only short term. If recommended by your doctor, inversion therapy, using the best inversion table for you needs, will help your body and mind in a myriad of ways, giving you a guarantee for a more comfortable lifestyle. Did you find these inversion table reviews useful? Less us know in the comments! 

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