Eat These Foods For Health Benefits From Microbes

Everything we have learnt about health and hygiene teaches us to keep the bacteria and germs away from the body. By staying away from bacteria, we aim to protect our body from those microscopic beings. Not many are aware of the fact that there can be good bacteria and bad bacteria. If you consume certain kind of bacteria, it will actually be good for your health. Certain types of bacteria known as microbes can help keep your intestine healthy and ensure proper functioning of the same.

Microbes have an important role to play on human body and mind. The kind of food you consume will have an impact on the production of microbes. They are the good bacteria which should be supported. A number of milk products are a result of lactic acid bacteria in your body. Consume the below mentioned foods on a regular basis to increase the population of microbes and to improve the good bacteria in your gut.

Tempeh: This is a fermented product made from soybean. It is originally from Indonesia and it has a number of nutritional benefits on the human body. The process of fermentation will help in the better absorption of the minerals like iron and zinc which is impaired due to the presence of physic acid in soybeans. Tempeh is perfect for your gut because it is rich in fiber and is recommended for people suffering from high sodium and blood sugar.

Sauerkraut: A traditional food from Europe, Sauerkraut is made from fermentation of cabbage which has been finely shredded. Also used as an accompaniment dish, it tastes quite salty and sour. It is rich in certain vitamins, probiotics, fibers and minerals. Consumption of sauerkraut is good for your gut health and will help in the prevention of anemia because it is rich in iron. It also helps in the efficient functioning of the heart and brain while aiding in weight loss. It will give better immunity and is good for the bones as well.

Yogurt: Made from fermenting milk using lactic acid bacteria, yogurt is the best source of probiotics and is consumed across the world. It has a number of health benefits including prevention of digestive disorders. It helps in the protection of women and children against exposure to boost the immune system and also relieves irritable bowel syndrome. Yogurt is good for your bones and is recommended for people with lactose intolerance.

Kimchi: This Korean dish is a fermented vegetable dish which has cabbage and other vegetables. It has the presence of lactic acid bacteria which is beneficial to human body. Kimchi is flavored using seasonings like red chili flakes, ginger, salt and garlic. It is quite spicy and is ideal for the digestive health of an individual. It is good for the brain and skin, has anti aging properties and also protects against cancer and asthma.

Buttermilk: This is a dairy product which has two variants. One is a cultured buttermilk and the other is traditional buttermilk. However, only the traditional buttermilk consists of probiotics which are beneficial to the health. It is made from fermented milk and is good for the gut health. It also helps in detoxification in the body.

Miso: Miso is basically fermented soybeans which are used as seasoning. It is a popular seasoning in Japan and is prepared using rice, rye, soybeans sea barley. It helps maintain the flora inside your gut and will help you fight against the harmful bacteria. Miso helps prevent gas and bloating and is ideal for inflammatory bowel disorder. It aids in proper digestion and will reduce the risk of cancer and stroke. Additionally, it helps in the reduction of diabetes and cholesterol.

There are tremendous health benefits of microbes and there is enough evidence which supports the same. Microbes not only improve your physical health but also aid in improving the mental health. They bring down depression and give you a healthy skin.

When your mind and body are healthy, you will feel joy from within. Your body and mind will have a lot to gain from the microbes and you will notice substantial improvement in your health. You could end up with various illnesses if the gut bacteria is not present in your body. A strong gut health means a better digestive system, better skin and strong mental health. Consumption of the foods listed here can ensure that your health improves naturally and you will see the results over a period of time.

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