Proven Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard

A great and thick beard is a sign of masculinity, leadership, and power. It distinguishes between the reserved and bold men in the society. The thicker the beard, the more the respect you command.  Accordingly, being aware of the beard grooming tips is critical.

A majority of men get discouraged when itchiness sets in as the beard grows to a certain point. They will be more frustrated when they look in the mirror and see weak and thin beard. The only option, it seems, is to shave and start all over again. Others will give up because of the fear that their genetic makeup and testosterone level stands in the way of achieving their beard goals. All these people could not be further from the truth. Through commitment and the right grooming tips, you can achieve the desired thickness.

A thick beard is defined by the number of hairs that you have. This must be coupled with its ability to appeal to others due to its length and liveliness. To achieve this, consider the following tips:

Always Keep Your Skin Clean and Healthy  

Getting the coveted thick and healthy beard starts with keeping proper hygienic standards for your skin. Your beard traps many things over time, from dirt to oils. Your pores become clogged up in the process and the beard growth will be crippled. Give your beard some love by washing your face from time to time. It will open up with pores and you will be amazed by the results. In any case, it allows you to fight one of the biggest enemies in beard growing process, itchiness. Note that using the right shampoos will ascertain that the skin is thoroughly cleansed.

A Good Diet Matters

The simplest beard grooming rule is summarized by the statement that you are what you eat. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, there is a chance that you choose the wrong types of foods. Your body needs to be encouraged to function properly by taking balanced diets and in the right proportions. Some of the foods such as nuts, fruits rich in vitamin C, proteins and leafy green vegetables are known to help in the growth of your hair. You can take the supplements, if you have no chance of preparing the meals from home. More so, taking a lot of water on a daily basis is imperative.

Exercise Regularly

The natural way of building your testosterone is through some forms of exercising such as lifting weights. It also aids your body to keep in shape and function well, which is inclusive of hair growth.


If you are truly committed to the process of growing thicker beard, take time to rest and relax after your day’s activities. The stress of life increases the cortisol levels in the body, impacting the testosterone development negatively. Rest, on the other hand, gives your body cells a chance to be repaired. The growth of your hair will be inevitable. At least seven hours of sleep on a daily basis is sufficient.

Choose Your Combs and Brushes Wisely

Your beard will grow in any direction and at different lengths. The experts in the field will inform you that combing it allows you to distribute it evenly on your face, giving you a complete look. Nonetheless, you may want to be careful when choosing the combs or brushes. Some of them may be too rough, and will leave your beard weak and broken. Professionals in the area will guide you in the process.

Protect Your Beard against Harsh Chemicals and Weather

Subjecting your beard to harsh chemicals at the pool will only work against your efforts to achieve thickness and length. You are likely to lose the natural oils that keep your beard healthy and appealing. Use protective oils such as jojoba in such instances to keep it moisturized and eliminate the loathed itchiness.

Patience Pays

Like everything else in life, you must be patient with your beard’s growth process. The golden rule is that you should wait for at 4-6 weeks to get the ideal outcomes. The thicker beard will take even longer given the fact that you need to change your diet, sleeping patterns, and level of physical activities. Do not give in to the temptation of shaving it when irritation kicks in or giving up when you see signs of thinness or weakness.

It is also worth noting it may take time for the men in their twenties men to grow thicker beard when compared to the adults. Do not be discouraged but rather give the beard time to reach its full potential.

Find Qualified Professionals to Trim Your Beard

If you are not aware of how to trim your beard to suit your tastes, find professionals with knowledge on the same. You will have avoided cutting off the beard in a way that hinders growth and thickness. A polished appearance gives you the confidence to face the world as you strive to achieve your goals.

If You Can’t Beat the Genetics, Create the Illusion of a Thicker Beard

Due to the genetics factors, it is possible that you will not achieve your desired levels of beard thickness. In such instances, make your beard appear thicker by going for a darker color. It creates an illusion of thickness as opposed to the lighter colors. Keeping the beard short and maintaining some facial hair is also advisable.

Be Aware Of the Myths and Short-Cuts

Forget the myth that shaving the beard will make it thicker. It will go back to the same levels of growth after a while. Products that promise overnight results will also allure you from committing to the beard grooming journey. Be careful lest you end up with side effects that ruin your morale and health forever.

All in all, you will get the thick and appealing beard, if you remain on the right path. Proper diet, hygiene, rest, patience will birth incredible results. For more information and legitimate products to help you grow your beard, go to and

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