Back Rub Techniques: Learn To Massage Like A Pro

If you have a partner or family member that suffers from a sore back or shoulders, being able to perform a soothing back rub will be much appreciated.

With just a small amount of practice you can ease the tension that they have and make a big difference in their well being.

Learn these back rub techniques and start massaging.

back rub techniques

For best results, you want your loved one to be as relaxed as possible. Find a suitable stable surface that will support their weight and have them lie down on it.

You don’t need a massage table to do this, any surface will do. But you can get a cheap massage table that will add an extra level of comfort to the process.

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What to do before starting the massage.

So, before the massage you need to make them as comfortable as possible, so if you have some towels or blankets, put them down too.

Music will also help relaxation occur, so find a suitable tune and put it on.

If you prefer not to use massage oil, you don’t need to, however it is definitely recommended.

Here is the best rated massage oil available on amazon, this should get you started!

It will allow much easier rubbing, and will help your loved one relax. You will want to make sure you don’t have any nice clothing on in case you get the oil on you.

With your loved one lying face down, apply some massage oil to your hands and start gently rubbing the oil into the back.

You want to use nice long strokes starting at the bottom of the back. Glide your hands gently and smoothly upwards towards the shoulders and then out to the sides before bringing them back down again to the bottom.

As you do this you can slowly start to increase the pressure.

Using your body weight to get more pressure in a massage.

Use your body weight to do this. That will make it easier on you, giving you more stamina. It’s important to maintain communication.

Ask your loved one if the amount of pressure is ok. If you need to, you can use your knuckles to really get deeper into the muscle tissue. Just make sure you don’t press into any bones.

The area which usually needs the most attention is the shoulders. So as your hands move up towards the shoulders slow the movement down.

You can apply more pressure, and slowly rotate your hands outwards and push out towards the sides. Use your thumbs to slide across the shoulder muscles.

Again, make sure you talk to the patient. At the end of the day, the best way you will learn is by how they react to the different strokes that you make.

Everyone is different and will prefer a particular amount of pressure and style.

Some Extra Tips

  • Keeping one hand on your loved one at all times will create a more fluid feel to the massage.
  • Keep an extra towel close by so that when you are finished you can clean up any excess oil
  • Never put a lot of pressure on the lower back, neck or spine

Use these back rub techniques, and soon your loved one will feel much better. Help them relax everyday.

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