Best Electric Massager Reviews

Best Electric Massager Reviews

If you suffer from muscle tension and soreness you’ll know that it can be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating. You visit a masseuse as often as you can, but it becomes costly fast. And the benefits of the massage quickly disappear when you find yourself at home, in pain once again. Or maybe you’re an athlete who has muscle aches and tiredness following hard workouts. A tool which you can use to relive your symptoms is a handheld electric massager. In this article we give you the best electric massager reviews.

These devices allow you to either massage yourself or a loved one in the comfort of your home. Coming in a variety of forms, they generally work using the same principles. By penetrating deep into your muscles using either percussion or vibration, they promote an increase in blood circulation. By increasing the flow of blood, the circulation of nutrients and oxygen increases. This helps sooth muscles, loosen them and relieve tension.

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Features To Consider When Purchasing The Best Electric Massager

When considering what type of handheld electric massager is the best for you, there are a few features to consider:

Percussion vs vibration – while both aim to increase blood circulation, the effectiveness will vary. If you have deep muscle aches which require deep therapy, percussion is probably better suited to you. Vibration massage will also provide similar therapy, however not necessarily as deep. It may suit you more if you prefer a gentler all round massage.

Heat – Electric massagers will have a heat mode or attachment. This is usually a desirable feature as it allows for a more soothing and comforting experience.

Attachments – The top electric massager will come with at least two attachments. Generally, the more attachments it comes with, the more versatile it is. It will give you an increased ability to tailor the massage to your needs, keeping in mind that your needs will vary day to day. One day you might want a deep penetrating massage and so might use a firm rounded attachment. The next day you might have a tight knot somewhere which requires a more localised and focused massage, in which case you would want a pointed end attachment. Or perhaps you want a nice smoothing overall muscle massage in which case you would prefer to use a larger, softer attachment. Basically the more options you have, the better.

Speed control – This is usually a standard feature. It is important that you can vary the speed according to your requirements for the massage. Similar to having different attachments, this will allow for more flexibility and higher customization.

Electric Massager Reviews

Homedics is a trusted and renowned name in the home massaging market. Since their start in 1987, they have become known for their innovative massaging technology. This handheld percussion massager is just one of many great products they have put out.

Using percussion massage, its two pivoting heads hammer in and out at a speed which you can determine. This percussion effect causes vibrations deep in your muscles. As a result, blood circulation increases which allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be pumped around the muscles. This helps to reduce muscles soreness, tension and fatigue. Whether you are an athlete who needs to help relax your muscles after a workout or if you simply suffer from muscles tightness and stress, this percussion massager will alleviate your symptoms.

The massager comes with three different attachments enabling you to customize the experience you want. You can use the firm, gentle or soothing heat head piece. With an easy to hold handle and weighing only one pound, it is also comfortable to use.

This product has been well designed, and feels comfortable in your hand. It’s easy to control and adjust with the variable speed dial conveniently placed, and is the perfect shape to reach any part of your body you want. Reviews that have been left on Amazon show there are plenty of happy customers with this product, who have found the massage action to be really effective at undoing knots, relieving stress, and making you feel great.

The TheraRUB® Percussion Double Head Electric Massager is a professional strength handheld massager. If you suffer from strong muscle spasms or tightness, this electric massager will provide you with deep therapy. By causing strong vibrations in your muscle, oxygen is encouraged to circulate due to an increased blood flow rate. This helps to sooth any discomfort you may have.

Coming with three different massager heads, you can tailor the massage to suit your needs. You can also vary the speed according to your preference. If you need deep therapy, turn the speed to full. If you want a gentler soothing massage, reduce the speed. Its all under your control. Beneficially this electric massager features a 14 foot power cord. This will just give you that extra flexibility you need.

​Whether you need a massager to use as a professional, or for personal use at home, this product could be a good choice for you. It delivers a lot of power and is good at reaching the deeper muscles and tissue other massagers may miss. I like how they have used a rubber grip on the handle to make it easier to handle during use, and the percussive action this device uses to give a massage feels great in comparison to others that simply vibrate.

Wahl Heat Therapy Therapeutic Massager #4196-1201

The Wahl heat therapy therapeutic massager is a great handheld massager if you are looking for a more customized experience. It comes with four different attachments, each of which will alter your massage. The facial attachment is smooth and provides a soothing gentle massage on your face. The second attachment is designed to penetrate deep into your muscles to cause an increase in blood circulation. This is the perfect attachment for when you want to stimulate oxygen flow and sooth any soreness or tension that you might have. If you have a very localized pain or knot, the spot application attachment will allow you to focus specifically on the one area. Finally, the heat attachment will provide a lovely soothing massage. This massager also allows for two speed settings, low and high to further allow you to customize your massage

​With all of these options you are sure to be able to set this product up to get the exact massage you want. It’s designed to be able to reach just about anywhere, and can be invaluable in helping with injuries from sport, joint pains, and chronic back pain. The effects on the circulation are really good when healing from an injury or simply recovering from a workout, and it is designed in a compact way that enables you to take it with you wherever you go.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager #4290-300

The Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager is another great electric massager. Also coming with four different attachments, it provides a highly customizable massage. A percussion massager with a very powerful motor, it will cause vibrations to penetrate deep into your muscle. These vibrations will inhibit pain signals and also cause an increase in blood circulation. By doing so, more oxygen will pump into and around the muscle relieving your discomfort and helping to relax the muscle.

Each of the four attachments has a high attention to detail. The four finger flex emulates the feeling of a hand for a more rounded massage. If you have a tight knot, you can use the accupoint attachment to target deep into your muscle in just the right spot to reduce the tension. The deep muscle attachment is for a more intensive massage if you have a larger muscle area that needs attention, and the large raised bump attachment will allow you to cover a greater area if you need it.

The powerful motor Wahl have used with this product allows it to generate up to 3,350 pulses per minute, which is more than enough to give you a range of intense to soft massages depending on what you need at the time.

Percussive massagers can be more effective at reaching the deeper muscles and tissues than other massagers, so this would be a particularly suitable product for sports people, or people who feel pain deep down. This massager only weighs three pounds, and is perfectly designed to reach all over.

This Panasonic handheld massager uses vibration to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation. It is not a percussion massager, so the level of penetration you receive may not be quite as deep. However, it vibrates at up 6300 times per minute which is significant.

What we really like about this top electric massager is its versatility. Its design allows easy full body use and will reach those harder to reach places more easily. Its three different vibrating areas are a point massager for isolating those localized pains, a massage roller for a more gentle soothing massage and a wavy surface again for a more soothing experience. You can also vary the speed of vibration to control the intensity of the massage.

It is light and portable so you can take it with you wherever you need, and the unique shape makes it really simple to reach all areas you will want to massage. It has a series of inbuilt automatic programs that run for between 90 and 100 seconds, and the powerful vibrations are adjustable, so they can be controlled to give out a gentle feeling if that’s what you want.

Despite delivering such a strong feeling, the motor of this product is surprisingly quiet, so it doesn’t interrupt your relaxing experience.

The Final Word

We hope these best electric massager reviews have provided you with direction to choose the right electric massager for you. As always, the best method for choosing a model is to read the reviews on Amazon. Take the time to read the reviews in details to make sure you make the most informed purchase.

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