Best Leg Massager Reviews

Best Leg Massager Reviews

There is no better feeling after a long day to sit down at home with the best leg massager. There is no need to spend lots of money getting a professional massage when you can enjoy the benefits of a foot and leg massage at home. Whether you spend your day sitting at a desk or are an athlete who needs some muscles relief, a leg massager will take care of your needs at home. At a fraction of the cost of regular professional massages and with the convenience of being at home, a leg massager makes a wise investment. After reviewing the market, we have picked the best leg massage machine for you.

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How Will You Benefit From The Best Leg Massager?

The benefits of massage in general are well documented. Massage therapy can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and muscle tension as well as many other applications, including to simply make you feel better (National University of Health SciencesNational Center for Complementary and Integrative Health).

​Some leg massagers use squeezing techniques to massage the muscles. The problem with this is that it constricts blood flow. The top leg massagers will use a variety of techniques to increase the blood circulation in your muscle tissue. This increase in blood flow encourages the circulation of oxygen and other nutrients which results in a reduction in muscle tension. Whether you have some swelling, joint stiffness or muscle ache, the end result is simple. You will feel better! 

Leg Massager Reviews

  • ​Automatic shutoff feature
  • ​Two levels of massage
  • ​Set of two
  • ​Velcro adjusting strap
  • Plugs into electrical outlets

If you’re looking for a low cost option that provides a gentle vibration sensation, then this product is worth considering. They are great for helping with restless leg syndrome, and because they fit around each leg separately you retain more movement than the combined massagers that require you to keep your legs together.

​The Velcro straps allow these to fit around wider calves than other products, they are made from a soft, comfortable material, and have an automatic shutoff feature that turns them off after twenty minutes. Two levels of massage are available so you can choose which setting is right for you, but neither of the settings are incredibly strong, so if you need a more intense sensation these might not be right for you.

  • ​Adjustable speeds
  • ​Automatic shutoff feature
  • ​12 massage discs in total
  • ​Touch panel control
  • Easy to clean

This massager has been designed to replicate the feeling of a Shiatsu massage. It vibrates, rolls, kneads, and warms you legs by using 12 massage discs within the unit. Eight of these focus on your feet, and the other four are positioned against your calves. The shape keeps the pads snugly against the areas they are working on to ensure you get the most benefit out of each 15 minute session.

I like the touch panel control that is built into the center of the product. You can use it to change through a range of options such as adjustable levels of warmth, different calf and foot massage modes, and should you wish to only work on your feet or calves, then you can use the different pads independently too. The automatic shutoff stops the rollers after 15 minutes, but this will be plenty of time to loosen up your feet and calves after a long day's work.

  • ​Underfoot massage rollers
  • ​Extendable height bar
  • ​CirQlation technology
  • ​5 different programs
  • Ergonomic design

Human Touch have used clever technologies in this massager to simulate the feeling of a strong massage on your feet and calves. The combination of a strong build quality, well positioned rollers, and custom programs mean your stressed feet will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

​You have a choice between 3 different massage programs and 2 Shiatsu ones, each of which takes advantage of their Figure-eight technology that massages in a motion to encourage better blood flow. The underfoot massage rollers are really strong and feel great against tired heels, and the addition of warm air flowing past adds to the relaxing feeling.

​The CirQlation technology claims to effectively recreate the sensation of hands working on the area, and from customer reviews it is clear this doesn’t disappoint. It is also really easy to clean, as it is made from a wipe clean surface.

  • ​4 automatic programs and 3 custom massage modes
  • ​Compact design
  • ​Remote controlled
  • ​Targets all areas of the feet
  • Variable speed and power

This Shiatsu foot massager from Best Choice Products has been designed to work on all parts of your feet to encourage blood flow and help you feel relaxed after a long day. You can either operate the rollers manually, or use one of the four inbuilt programs that target the toes, heel, sides of your feet, and the arch.

The remote control is really useful, and is great when using the custom options because it allows you to focus on the particular areas that are sore, with the ability to alter the speed, pressure, and direction of the rolling balls. It’s a compact design too, so it is easy to take with you wherever you may want to use it.​

​Customers who have left reviews on Amazon have found this massager to be a cost-effective option to help out with a variety of foot conditions like plantar fasciitis and restless leg syndrome.

Verseo Air Compression Leg Massager

  • ​Stimulates circulation in the lower calf
  • ​Fully adjustable velcro strap
  • ​Three levels of intensity
  • ​Works by using air compression
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries

This leg massager from Verseo is portable, compact, and is powered by batteries so you can use it wherever you go. If you are often in situations where you are sitting for a long time, then this could be the perfect product for you.

​In the package you will get one leg massager, so you will need to buy two if you want to take care of both legs at the same time. It works similar to a blood pressure cuff, and goes through cycles of inflating the cuff and releasing over a few minutes. This action is perfect for encouraging blood flow, and will reduce inflammation and swelling you might be experiencing.

​The three levels of intensity allow you to choose the amount of pressure that is exerted around your legs, and the adjustable straps are great for giving a comfortable fit for calves up to 20”.

The Final Word

With a top leg massager you can relax at home and regularly enjoy a foot and leg massage at the fraction of the cost of seeing a professional massage therapist. They offer a variety of massage benefits all with the convenience at home. As with any purchase we recommend that you take the time to do further research by reading the reviews on Amazon. This will allow you to get a deeper understand of whether the best leg massager in question is right for you. 

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