Instant Relief – 8 of the Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews:

Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews

Do you suffer from a sore back, neck or shoulders? 

Do you often feel tight and sore in your muscles?

Are you visiting a masseuse regularly with recurring problems? 

This is a familiar story, and it is becoming more common.

While a massage chair at home provides the ultimate personal massage - they are expensive and inconvenient. 

Instead you could to try a massage chair pad to relieve that tension - it is quick and cost effective!

A mini Personal Masseuse!

A good massage chair pad will Provide the benefit of a home massage and they have the flexibility and convenience of being able to use wherever you please.

Can you imagine getting a massage at the office while you work? You don’t need a personal masseuse to follow you around, all you need is a massage cushion!

They are lightweight and easy to move and you can use them on just about any chair, even in the car! You can literally have a relaxing massage while you drive to work. What a great way to start the day!

Variety and Choice.

There are a variety of types available, some offering a basic vibration massage, with others providing fully customized shiatsu style massages with zone allocation and heat. 

We hope that by reading the reviews and buying guide in this article, you are able to find the best massage pad for chair to fit your needs.

How To Choose The Best Massage Cushion or pad.

Difficult to Decide.

You know by now that there is quite a large variety in the types of massage pads available. With so many different features, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you, and of course price will make an impact as well.

To make it easier to pick the best massage pad for you, we have broken it down feature by feature.

What Size Pad Should I get?

The first consideration is a basic but important one, and that’s size! To get the proper effects, you want to make sure that the cushion will fit your body frame. Each product will specify its dimensions, so make sure that these suit you.

A Shiatsu Massage Pad?

Arguable the best massage pads include shiatsu functionality. Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage that uses the fingers and palms to put pressure on muscles in a kneading manner.

It is a very effective way of easing any tightness and loosening the knots you might have in muscles.

Some massage cushions utilize mechanical nodes that emulate this. The nodes are able to move and focus on a specific area in a deep pressure relieving way, or provide a more gentle rolling massage.

You should also consider how many nodes the massage pad has because this will impact on your massage.

Imagine a masseuse with four or fix hands instead of two. It would be a more effective massage right? Some massage pads will also allow you to change the width of the tracks that the nodes move on. If you have a wider frame you may want to consider this.

Massage Pad Vibration.

Vibration is a fairly standard feature of massage pads, however you want to consider how variable the vibration is. How many speeds can you choose from and is the massage pad divided into different zones?

The more speeds and zones it has, the more customized the massage cushion is and the better you can tailor it to your specific needs.

Do I need an Air Compression pad?

Two other features that some massage pads have are air compression and magnets. While air compression is just another way of manipulating your muscles, magnets are a really nice feature to have.

They work by increasing the blood circulation in the surrounding area which means that more blood is pumping around the muscles.

This provides more oxygen which in turn helps to rejuvenate the muscles and release any strain and discomfort you might have.

A Heated Massage Pad.

Another fairly standard feature which you should have is heat capability. The best massage chair pads will let you independently control the heat function so that you can turn it on for greater effect when you need it.

The heat helps cut deeper into your muscles which helps to sooth them.

Peace Of Mind.

Finally, the better options will come with a warranty which will give you peace of mind should any defects occur.

Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews.

Slimline and Portable.

This Five Star vibration massage pad is one of our picks for the top massage chair pad. It provides the comfort and relaxation of a massage chair, with the flexibility of being able to use it anywhere. 

Put in on the recliner at home and watch a movie, or bring it to work and enjoy a massage while you work. It even includes a car adapter kit meaning you can use it while you commute or on a longer drive. 

Massage Pad with 4 Zones.

Divided into four zones (shoulder/upper back, lower back, lumbar and thigh), all your tight and sore areas are covered.

The easy to use hand control unit lets you choose between three different massage speeds and four different programs.

Heated Massage Pad. 

This massaging cushion even comes with an independent heat function, allowing you to either massage with or without heat.

When switched on, the heat function will provide the soothing warmth that your lower back needs to relax.

Automatic Shut off. 

The massage pad comes with an automatic shutdown function, meaning if you forget to turn it off or doze off because you’re so relaxed, it will turn itself off after 30 minutes.

It also comes with a 3 year warranty, so you can further relax knowing any defects will be taken care of.

Extra Padding Comfort.

If you want a good quality massaging chair pad, this model is right up there. This vibrating massage cushion features think and soft memory foam on the lumbar and neck areas providing a higher degree of comfort.

Memory Foam Massage Pad. 

Memory foam contours to your body allowing you to sink into the chair with the ultimate comfort. You will feel relaxed before you even press the on switch.

Vibrating Motors. 

With ten vibration motors, the cushion is divided into zones. You can either massage the entire area at once, or localize the massage to a specific area on your body where you need relief the most. You can choose between eight different massage strengths and speeds and make use of five different massage modes to customize your experience.

Heated Massage Pad.

You can decide whether you want to massage with or without heat in the lumbar area. This is all easy to do with the easy to use and back lit hand controller.

Large Base Massage Pad.

The massage pad base is large at 18 x 19 inches and will suit most environments. Whether you want to use the massage pad at home, on the drive to work or in the office, you have the flexibility to do so.

Shiatsu Massage Cushion.

This best shiatsu massage cushion makes you feel like you’re getting a professional massage right at home or wherever you choose to use it. With an easy to adjust back strap, you can enjoy this ultimate relaxation and stress release massage pad where ever you want.

Rolling Massage.

The neck and back/lumbar areas both have four of their own shiatsu nodes which use deep rolling movements to emulate actual hands. You can alter the positioning and focus of these nodes to fully customize your experience and control where you get the most attention.

Heated and safe.

With a heat function that can be independently used, your neck muscles can receive additional soothing warmth. The seat cushion itself has three different levels of vibration. What is most exciting about this massage pad is the degree to which it can be customized.

Take full control over your massage experience. With a 15 minute automatic shutoff, you can relax knowing that if you fall asleep, the cushion will turn itself off. This best massaging chair pad also comes with a one year warranty.

Cost effective Massage Pad.

This best massage seat cover is at the lower end of the price range, but still provides a relaxing and pressure soothing experience. With nice cushioning and heat capability, your lumbar area will feel relaxed as can be. Featuring a really easy back strap, you can use this cushion where ever you please provided there is a power source!

Remote controlled.

With three different motors you can relieve the tightness and strain in your upper and lower back. This can all be done easily with the hand remote.

If you prefer you can even use this massage pad lying down on your back. With the benefit of being very quiet, you can even use this heated massaging seat cushion at the office without distracting your colleagues in the neighboring cubicles.

Less Features, but a relaxing massage.

Want to feel relaxed while you work? No problem. While this massage pad isn’t as feature rich as others, it still provides a nice level of relaxation that you won’t be disappointed by.

All Adjustable.

This best massage chair cushion lets you tailor the massage settings to ensure that you get exactly the experience you need.

Are you sore everywhere? Or just need to work out some tightness in a specific area?

The traveling shiatsu nodes can provide deep kneading massage, a nice gentle rolling action and a more localized focus massage.

Local Zone Control. 

The cushion is divided into zones that cover your whole back, and the massaging width can be adjusted depending on the size of your body frame. With independent soothing heat, you can get the extra comfort when you need it. If you want to increase the strength of the massage, simply take off the easy to remove cushion cover.

An easy to use back strap will let you use this massage pad just about anywhere. Providing a highly relaxing customized massage wherever you need it, you will feel comforted knowing that you can get a high quality massage any time you desire with this massage chair pillow.

Highly Focused Massage.

This massage pad for a chair provides a highly focused massage, just the way you need it to target those problem areas.

Highly customized to ensure you receive the relief you need, this massage pad by Homedics features four rollers which can move up and down your back. If you have a wider back, you can adjust the width of the massage as well, making sure that all areas are covered.

Range Of Settings.

With six programs, you can either target the upper, middle or lower back with a deep shiatsu kneading style massage, or a more gentle rolling massage. If you have tightness in a particular area, use the shiatsu massage to deeply focus on the trouble area. Or just relax with a comforting rolling massage.

Deep Heat Massage.

You have the additional capability of using fast and deep heat to really penetrate and sooth those problem areas. With an easy to use remote you can tailor your experience with the pressing of buttons.

Easy to move, you can strap the cushion to any chair giving you the flexibility to have a massage whenever and wherever you want.

To top it all off, this massage cushion has really cool LED lights that will let you see what’s actually happening within.

Massage On the Move.

Want to be able to benefit from a deeply relaxing and comforting massage anywhere? This massage chair pad will let you do just that.

It is lightweight and highly portable allowing you to use it while you are at work, on the commute in the car or at home. Simply strap it to any chair and you’re good to go.

5 internal Motors.

With five motors, you can massage those tight and sore muscles right from your neck to your thighs and upper legs. Controllable and adjustable, the different functions will let you customize the massage to suit your requirements.

Magnetic Blood Flow Stimulation. 

Notably this massage cushion also comes with magnets which add an additional level of relief. They work to increase your blood circulation which will increase the oxygen levels in those sore muscles.

Also featuring heat capability, you can target those deeper muscles ensuring that you feel relieved and relaxed.

Lumbar System.

Finally, the lumbar system will make sure that you sit with correct posture and reduce pressure on the coccyx.

Highly Comforting.

This massage chair pad offers a highly comforting and pressure relieving massage. Utilizing both shiatsu massage techniques and air compression, you receive a very rounded massage.

Shiatsu massage nodes provide deep kneading movement to replicate the feeling of a hand pressing and relaxing your tight muscles.

Full Back Massage. 

You can choose to localize the movements to your upper or lower back, or if you prefer have a complete full back experience. This massage cushion has the additional benefit of using air compression to squeeze your lumbar.

Air Pressure Massage. 

It has variable intensity so that you can adjust it to the way you like it. Further, you can add heat to your massage to provide more complete soothing comfort.

Each feature can be controlled with the easy to use remote control. If you want to make the massage stronger, just take the cushion cover off and the intensity increases. With an easy to use strap system you can use place the massage pad on just about any chair giving you the ultimate convenience and flexibility.


In conclusion after considering the different features that you require, the best way to actually choose the best massage chair pad is to view the product on Amazon and take the time to read the reviews.

This will give you a great depth of knowledge and understanding of whether the product is for you or not.

Now lets get that back sorted shall we!

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