Best Office Chair For Back Pain Reviews

best office chair for back pain

If you are experiencing back pain at work, you quickly need to invest in a new office chair. This product can increase your body movement while sitting on it, and also improve posture and strengthen core muscles. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for a long time can cause severe back pain, but there are ways to prevent that. Finding the best office chair for back pain to avoid tense or strained muscles is so important, as it maximizes back support and helps you to maintain good posture while sitting. Combine this with a posture corrector and you'll get rid of your back pain in no time.

Best Office Chair For Back Pain Comparison


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Breathable fabric.

VIVA Office

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Provides adjustable armrest and headrest.


Features: 4/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Back in Motion Technology.

Flash Furniture

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Task chair with mesh padded seat and flip up arm.


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Comfortable back support.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Office Chair For Back Pain

Don’t forget what you are actually in search of, what it can provide you with, or if it can bring a solution to your problem. To be able to get the absolute best office chair for lower back pain, the most important aspects you should have a look at is your needs, your budget, and your workplace capacity.

First of all you need to examine the problems you are suffering and how you could get rid of it. Secondly, you should take your economy into consideration, and make sure you don’t spend money you might not have. This way you can make a good decision by selecting the perfect product for yourself. These office chairs can provide you with a number of benefits which are mentioned below:

  • It can help you get rid of the super annoying back pain you might have been experiencing at your workplace.
  • It improves the blood circulation in the body because of the adjustable seat. This way you can easily maintain the right posture by yourself.
  • It provides you comfort and causes the least amount of stress to your spine.
  • It gives a super sophisticated and classy look to your workplace with its elegant and attractive look.

Of course, they come with many more benefits. But there is not a single type of office chair which is suitable for all people facing some of the same problems. People should determine their individual preference in every aspect to get the comfort they are looking for. Also a thing to remember is that, no matter how comfortable the office chair is, sitting in a static position for a long time can cause severe problems.

Office Chair For Back Pain Reviews

  • ​Especially designed with a super perfect size
  • ​Easy to assemble with allen wrench
  • ​Also includes spare screws
  • ​Features a heavy duty metal base
  • ​Breathable mesh fabric seat

The Black Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office desk is basically designed for people sitting and working in an office for a prolonged time, which is quite discomforting and causes pain. This product comes with a perfect size, also a good choice for you if you don’t have huge space. It aims to provide a perfect solution for those who are looking for comfort in their workplace, as it provides super comfortable and fantastic support, so you can sit hours and hours working everyday without any problem.

This perfect fit chair not only comes with the best size, but also offers a great deal of relief and comfort with its super comfortable mesh fabric and it also has a heavy duty metal base. This a great value purchase and a must buy for people experiencing back pain in their workplace. It is a good choice if you are on a tight budget as it has a very reasonable price.

It’s my favorite one because it keeps you miles away from the tension or back pain, and provides you with a comfy lower back support while working in the office. It is a great chair with a perfect size, attractive outlook, best quality, and best of all; it is very comforting and relaxing. It comes with a strong metal base unlike other chairs having a cheap plastic base; it’s easy to assemble; made of good quality; and also comes with spare screws for assembling.

  • ​Comes with exceptional back support feature
  • ​Also provides seat adjustment according to your position
  • ​High quality nylon fabric
  • ​Weight capacity is 250 pounds and it is super easy to assemble
  • ​Tilt tension control and synchro tilt mechanism

This is especially designed for those who are tired of fixed chairs, as it comes with the facility of adjustment. You can easily use the paddle control mechanism for adjusting the back to a comfortable posture. To higher your seat position, lean forward to remove your weight from the chair, then pull up the control handle on the right. For lowering down the seat, be seated and pull up the same handle until it is where you want it to be.

The VIVA office mesh chair is for you who want to maintain a proper posture while working for a prolonged time in an office or any workplace. Also the mesh fabric used for the chair allows heat and moisture to be released making it super comfortable, so you can sit on it for hours and hours. Over all, I’m in love with this product not only because of its fabric and quality, but also because of the control adjustments it comes with. However, it is a bit pricey and definitely not a good option for those who are on a low budget. Apart from the cost, it offers great features.

The fantastic feature of this chair is the low back support which is easily adjustable. You can raise or lower the height of the chair, and even make the backrest firm or release the backrest to allow free movement forwards and backward. The comfort level it offers, is something you would expect from higher-priced product.

  • BIM active lumbar support
  • Stylish push-buttons for adjusting arm position
  • Deep layered pillows offers the body a relaxed and soothing seating experience
  • Pneumatic lift with adjustable tension
  • Heavy duty base
  • Made of smooth eco-friendly bonded leather

This office chair can prove to be the best office chair for back pain, not necessarily for everyone. Including the gift of quality, comfort, and style, the leather office chair is designed to lessen and decrease the harmful effects of extended sitting. Quality-made elements and a durable design ensures this office chair will last you a long time. Also having hand-carved arms of bonded leather, this office chair brings an ultra modern look to your office.

This chair offers you the back in motion technology that helps you tilt your abdomen forward whenever you’re leaning back to maintain your back in a neutral position. This motion technology helps increase healthy circulation in your body and reduces condensation by providing continuous comfort. By using this office chair you can correct your spinal health and timely adjust to the change in using proper body mechanics, and in this way you will get long term relaxation from stress, strain and discomfort. 

The coolest feature that comes with this amazing chair is the use of the new back in motion technology, which ultimately makes it different from other office chairs. Ergonomic controls give the opportunity for instant and easy height and tilt adjustment. In this way you can position the chair according to your needs. Also the pneumatic lift with adjustable features provides exact foot positioning and the arm adjustment ensures supportive hand, wrist, and forearm for placement support. In short, it provides a great body support.

  • ​Made of breathable mesh material
  • ​Heavy duty nylon base
  • ​Dual wheel casters
  • ​Fire-safe foam
  • ​Tilt lock mechanism

This chair is my personal favorite, not only because of its graceful looks, but also because of the amazing features it consists of. It might not be that much more comfortable or relaxing compared to other office chairs, but it is at very good price. It is made of breathable mesh fabric, looks well crafted and well made. 

It is mainly attractive for those who are on a tight economy and looking for something that is reasonable and at the same time fixes their need of a good office chair. It can be a great choice for you who want to maintain your straight posture while working, and it offers great back support at the same time. This mesh chair also looks durable and lasting. 

Apart from the durability and quality the chair offers, it also provides a breathable mesh fabric seat which is crafted in a curved position to ensure a good back support. The lever allows for easy height adjustment of the seat. It also comes with padded leather foldable arms, which is great if you are in favor of armless chairs. A good choice at a good price!

  • ​Ergonomic chair made of bonded black leather
  • ​Padded seat and back
  • ​Adjustable seat height
  • ​Comes with 1-year warranty
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​250 pound maximum weight

This AmazonBasics chair not only comes with a decent outlook, but also gives a well-needed support for your long working days. It is ideal for personalized comfort as it comes with a butterfly seat plate, settings to adjust according to your needs, and curved contours which provides a good support and keeps your body straight and relaxed.

It definitely is a must buy as it comes with a super classy and attractive black leathery look, and also provides a great deal of comfort at the workplace. It is especially for those who are tired of sitting on the cheap plastic chair and breaking their back. It also comes with a reasonable price that is suitable for most people. It provides all day comfort with its comfortable padded design. In addition to the chair’s back, it offers a padding on the armrests for more comfort and support.

It make itself different from other chairs not only because of the super attractive and soothing outlook, it also gives many other benefits like it is made of good quality material. At the same time it comes with a reasonable price that might be not heavy on your pocket. In addition to this, it there is a 1 year warranty as well. It also has a great feature of moving up to 360 degrees for multi tasking convenience. It even comes with assembling instructions to make it super easy to assemble.

The Final Word

Make your life easier by making your workspace an enjoyable place to be. Choosing the best office chair for back pain can be done correctly, if you focus on what would help you according to your needs. How your body is positioned throughout the day is a major contributor to back and neck pain. One right choice today can distance you from many problems you might come across in the future.

Have you suffered from neck or back pain, due to not having the right office chair? Tell us in the comments below!

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