What Is A Sports Massage?

what is a sports massage

Are you asking yourself: what is a sports massage? You are not alone. Sports massages are becoming increasingly popular among not only athletes but also with non athletes as well. They are now offered at massage clinics across the country. While they are most appropriate for athletes, any one who suffers from an injury, persistent pain or some kind of restricted movement can benefit form a sports massage. 

Significant exercise or any kind of repetitive movement can cause a build up of tension in the soft muscles tissues. This tension tightens the muscles and inhibits their ability to relax. Common effects of this are muscle soreness, a lack of flexibility, poor blood circulation and a predisposition for injury. 

A sports massage aims to fight and reduce these symptoms. Where the massage is focused will depend on the injury or type of sports you partake in. Generally they utilize a combination of massage techniques such as Swedish, shiatsu and deep therapy massage.

The massaging of your muscles will result in their loosening and also an increase of blood circulation. This increased flow of blood will replace the existing blood with blood full of oxygen and other nutrients.  This will further assist in the reduction of muscles tension. 

Sports massage generally focuses on prevention and healing and can be used before and after exercise to great effect. By massaging the muscles pre-exercise, they are warmed up and loosened making them ready for optimal use. It increases their endurance​ and makes you less likely to get an injury. When used post exercise, a sports massage will reduce your healing time and muscle fatigue. This will reduce soreness and allow you to exercise again faster, optimizing your training.

The specific style of the massage will vary according to the massage therapist and area of your body that needs attention. Generally every massage therapist will have a different style which comes from the experience they have. The style they use will also vary according to your body shape and size. If you at any time experience extreme pain or discomfort immediately tell your massage therapist. For best results you should always maintain a high level of communication.

When asking yourself what is a sports massage? remember that you do not need to be a professional athlete to benefit from one. Whether you exercise casually or suffer from a repetitive movement injury, chronic pain or inflexibility, you can benefit from a sports massage.

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